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 Federal Bureau Of Investigation - Application Format

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PostSubject: Federal Bureau Of Investigation - Application Format   20th July 2012, 15:08

Federal Bureau Of Investigation

Name of applicant -

Date of Birth -

Social Security Number-

Location of Birth -

Cellular device number. -

Location of Residents -

Spouse / Wife -

Children [Adopted or original.] -

Religion / Culture

Currently employed occupation [JOB] -

Ex-Law Enforcement experiences?

Currently employed work [FACTION / FAMILY] -

Where did you attend school? [Name all of the schools you attended and when.]

Marksmanship / Sharpshooter degree?

Photograph of your passport, degrees, and licenses. [PIC OF STATS]

I, [PUT NAME HERE.] promise to serve and protect the pedestrians of the United States. I, [PUT NAME HERE] shall show absolutely no corruption nor disrespect towards any of my authorities, minorities, nor pedestrians of the United States. I, [Put name here] will try and work my hardest to provide top quality law-enforcement as possible.

Out Of Character section.
Player-Name [IRL name.]


Ex-FBI experience [Name no servers, just ranks.]

Write a 650 word biography of your character, make sure you are descriptive and ensure that there are no errors or typos.

Ban / Jail / Kick records [WILL BE CHECKED!!]

Working TEAM-SPEAK microphone?

Have you memorized yourself with all of the radio-codes?

Any recommendations?
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Federal Bureau Of Investigation - Application Format
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