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 San Andreas News - Application Format

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San Andreas News - Application Format Empty
PostSubject: San Andreas News - Application Format   San Andreas News - Application Format Empty20th July 2012, 15:22

San Andreas News

Date of Birth:
Country of Origin:

Contact Number:

Do you have a valid drivers license?: [YES/NO]
Do you have a criminal record?: [YES/NO]

If yes please explain:

Why do you want to join SAN?:

Do you have any previous experience in the media industry?: (provide details if so)

Example of your work:
(You must provide two articles with subjects of your choosing which must have a minimum of 500 words in total and preferably contain pictures which best reflect the chosen topics. You must also be able to demonstrate good English skills If you do not meet these requirements you will be denied,You have to Provide Pictures,This is Like an Example Story for the Newspaper if not Provided Application Will Be Denied.)

Why should we choose you?:
(You should provide a unique idea of what you could do for the faction.)

Declaration: I [name] understand that upon submission of my application that I am subject to the terms and conditions and conditions imposed during the application process as management see fit. I [name] have also read and agree to abide by The Rules And Regulations Of The SanNews and any other applicable local laws, state or federal laws.

((OOC Information))


Where are you from?:

Why do you want to join SAN?:

Have you ever been in SAN before?: (list characters if so)

Level of your Account(s):
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San Andreas News - Application Format
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